This afternoon I just received confirmation that the paper Alan Renouf and I have been working on, has finally been published.  The paper is titled “VMware vCloud Director Infrastructure Resiliency Case Study – Automation with Microsoft Windows PowerShell and VMware vSphere PowerCLI“.

This paper is intended to compliment the VMware vCloud Director Infrastructure Resiliency Case Study paper published previously by Duncan Epping and Chris Colotti.  The original paper provides a great explanation of the concepts and principles behind how vCloud Director disaster recovery solutions can be implemented, whilst this new paper describes how the solution can be automated with VMware vSphere PowerCLI.

The content of this paper is derived from work carried out at Oxford University, which was built upon the principles detailed in the original paper but complimented with some automation courtesy of vSphere PowerCLI.  Additional information is available in the VMworld sessions INF-BCO2155 “vCloud DR for Oxford University Computing Services – Real World Example” and INF-VSP2164 “Automation of vCloud Director Disaster Recovery”.

I would like to thank Alan for his support in getting this paper published and Gary Blake for helping build the Oxford University vCloud DR solution.  Last but not I need to thank Adrian Parks and Jon Hutchings from Oxford University Computing Services, for working with us on this project and trusting us with their vCloud.

2 Responses to “VMware vCloud Director Infrastructure Resiliency Case Study”

  1. Awesome work Aidan, you did a fantastic job with this whitepaper, all I did was confirm a few parts – this is a great solution and another area where PowerCLI shows integration and automation.

    Fantastic work.

    P.S. Welcome to the blogosphere, the web is now a better place – long time coming!

  2. Great work Aidan 🙂

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