Resiliency is a key aspect of any infrastructure—it is even more important in infrastructure-as-a-service solutions. This session will include a tour of a real world vCloud DR solution deployed at Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS). Throughout the session there will be detailed guidance on how both the management and resource clusters were designed, deployed and automated. Furthermore the details of how SRM in conjunction with VMware vSphereTM PowerCLI (PowerCLI) was used to automate the end-to-end recovery of a vCloud Director–based infrastructure. This session will offer a perfect complimentary follow on from the whitepaper regarding the high-level process produced by Duncan Epping and Chris Colotti and the Automation session by Alan Renouf and Aidan Dalgleish. The paper combined with the Automation session will describe the process and the automation principles whereas this session will describe a complete real world implementation.

Presentation Materials

The presentation materials for this session are available from the VMworld 2012 Virtual Pavilion.


Thank you to those of you that provided feedback. In the most part it seems like people enjoyed the sessions and found the content useful.  I wanted to take the opportunity to thank people for their feedback and make it clear I have read all of the comments provided and will take this in to consideration for future versions of this presentation or anything similar in nature.

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